Best Deal KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy Medium Large Best Price Seachem Prime 500ml Hot API Stress Coat Water Conditioner 16 Ounce StarMark

KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy Medium Large

ListPrice : $14.49

Price : $7.55

Pay Save : $3.22

Post as of : 03/11/2014 MDT

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Description :

Deal KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy Medium substantial Seachem PrimeKONG Extreme Balls are the best bouncing and the vast majority of
durable plastic ball on the market.
Proudly made in the USA, the Medium/Large KONG Extreme Ball measures 3-inches for medium and substantial dogs.
These balls are puncture-resistant and are particularly excellent for outdoor use.

Feature :

Deal KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy Medium substantial Seachem Prime

  • Toughest durable formula
  • Extreme bounce
  • Puncture resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • Measures 3-inches
  • Best Dogwidgets Rechargeable Remote 2 Dog Training Shock Collar Individual Vibration Dog Onsale Hot SSSCAT Cat Training Aid North States Supergate Classic Plastic Gate Mounts 5 Ways

    Dogwidgets Rechargeable universa 2 Dog Training Shock Collar unique Vibration Dog

    ListPrice : $99.99

    Price : $69.99

    You Save : $30.00

    Post as of : 03/11/2014 MDT

    Description :

    Dogwidgets Rechargeable remote 2 Dog Training Shock CollarNew dog training shock collar for 2 dogs by DogWidgets.
    Collars has 2 grades
    of shocks and 1 degree of vibration and has 600 feet range.
    Collar will do the job by small, medium and huge dogs from 15 to 100 lbs.
    You can train your dog individually by a shock and vibration or correct your 2 dogs during the same time by a vibration.
    Use this collar for basic training, jumping on people, chasing cars and barking.
    Very reliable and humane.

    Product Features:

    2 grades
    of shock(Low and High).

    1 degree of formidable vibration for each one dog.

    Correct 1 dog by a shock or vibration or correct often dogs during the same time by a formidable vibration.

    The set contains:

    2 ties variable from 12 to inches long.

    2 rechargeable receivers.

    1 transmitter(9-volts battery included).

    dual charger for the 2 receivers.

    2 sets of silicone
    and metal prongs for the receivers.

    2 shock tester and user manual.

    6 months replacement warranties and speedy technical support from DogWidgets.
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    Best Price Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews Medium-Size Dogs 30 Chews – Check price Hot Epica Remote Dog Training Collar Shock Vibration 2 Dogs

    C Enzymatic even Hygiene Chews Medium-Size Dogs 30 Chews

    ListPrice : $12.99

    Price : $7.50

    Save Money :

    Post in : 03/11/2014 MDT

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    Cheap IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit Chrome Black – Best Deal Hot Earthbath Natural Dog Shampoo Oatmeal Aloe 16 oz s

    IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo set Chrome Black

    ListPrice : $27.99

    Price : $16.05

    You Save : $5.10

    Post as of : 03/11/2014 MDT

    Description :

    IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo product Chrome Black The IRIS airtight pet food container combo kits contains a 25-pound airtight container, 10-pound airtight treat/travel container, and a 2 cup food scoop.

    The airtight sea helps to keep food fresh and pests out.

    The larger container contains 4-free wheeling casters for hassle-free and easy mobility.
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    Best Deal Flexi Explore Retractable Belt Dog Leash Large 26-Feet Long Supports 110-Pound Black – Low Prices PetSafe Extra Collar Wireless Containment FURminator

    Flexi Explore Retractable Belt Dog Leash substantial 26-Feet longer Supports 110-Pound Black

    ListPrice : $49.99

    Price : $24.50

    Pay Save : $25.49

    Post as of : 03/11/2014 MDT

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    Description :

    Deal Flexi Explore Retractable Belt Dog Leash huge 26 FeetThis Black flexi Explore Retractable Dog Leash is for huge dogs that weigh 110 pounds or less.
    Its retractable belt extends up to 26 feet.
    The flexi Explore is the longest leash model accessible and is fashioned for walking your dog in open spaces
    where they can take on
    pleasure in lots of extra “freedom on the leash”.
    The flexi Explore is accessible in 3 sizes and 3 popular colors.
    Over the past 40 years, flexi retractable leashes have become a must-have item for pet managers all-around the world.
    flexi retractable leashes are known for their high-quality, superior ruggedness and attractive design.
    The patented one-hand braking and recoil system allows you to maintain 100 % management of your dog during your walks together.
    This innovative system is built in into the leash’s ergonomic handle so it’s uncomplicated and easy to adjust the leash to an appropriate length for your surroundings.
    The lock button allows the leash to remain from a constant length.
    All flexi retractable leashes come using a basic safety Precautions & Directions pamphlet that describes how and when to use flexi retractable leashes properly.
    A basic safety collar is made available using every discount package
    and it should be used while walking your dog on any flexi retractable leash.
    All flexi retractable leashes are proudly handmade in Germany and are covered by a lifetime Warranty.
    Please note that this warrantee does not cover injury caused by dog chewing, rough roads
    or alternative misuse or abuse.

    Feature :

    Deal Flexi Explore Retractable Belt Dog Leash huge 26 Feet

  • Retractable Belt Dog Leash Extends up to 26 Feet
  • Supports Dogs up to 110 Pounds
  • Packaging incorporates basic safety Collar & Directions Pamphlet
  • Made in Germany & Covered by lifetime Warranty
  • Product Dimensions: 8.00 x 5.25 x 1.55
  • Best Price PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System PIF-300 – Low Prices KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls Dog Toy Medium Colors

    PetSafe handheld Pet Containment System PIF-300

    ListPrice : $299.99

    Price : $210.00

    Pay Save : $80.00

    Post as of : 03/11/2014 MDT

    !!Check extra price and information PetSafe instant Pet Containment System PIF 300 KONG

    Safety for your pet; simplicity for you!

    The PetSafe instant Containment System is a simple, nonetheless beneficial alternate to traditional outdoor fencing or buried wire fencing.
    Instead of using spools of boundary wire al your yard, the PIF-300 uses broadcast frequency to guard your pet against straying.
    The system is also portable, allowing you to provide a instant pet area when traveling.

    together with the instant Containment System, you can keep pets about 8 pounds safely contained in the area of your choosing.
    Simply plug in the transmitter and it will emit a constant broadcast rule from an diverse
    range of up to 90 feet in all directions.
    Typically, whole set-up takes less than an hour and no installation, wire burying or pegs are required.

    To begin training together with the PIF-300, temporarily define the dependable pet area together with boundary flags as a cosmetic aid to the pet.
    Activate the receiver collar and adjust accordingly to fit in
    them, to ensure
    the secure sustain
    of points are touching the neck.
    The system should be used together with dogs six months or older, and set-up and training manuals are included.

    When the pet strays into the warning zone, the receiver collar will give a warning beep.
    If they continue past the warning zone, a safe, static correction is delivered by means of the secure sustain
    of points until they return to the dependable pet area.

    Travel together with Your Pet

    Wish there was a way to contain your dog while on vacation from a lake home, ski cabin, or RV trip?
    The PetSafe Premium instant Fence is the only transportable and instant training fence that gives your dog the same freedom and security to operate and execute that he gets from home.

    A selection of Helpful Features

    Wide Circular range -
    covers an diverse
    circular area up to ½ acre (180 feet in diameter)

    Completely instant - no need to have to bury cable in your yard

    Easy application - plainly plug in transmitter and begin training

    Portable – bring the transmitter, collar, and flags anywhere you want to set up a contained area for your pet

    Adjustable – presents 5 diverse
    tiers of correction, plus a tone-only mode

    Waterproof Receiver – dependable to use in all climates

    Low Battery Indicator – receiver collar will alert you when it’s time to change the battery

    Warning Tone – receiver emits an audible warning tone as pet approaches the edge of the boundary zone.

    Automatic Shut-Off – if pet leaves the boundary zone, the enjoyment is restrained to 30 seconds and automatically shuts off for five minutes right before
    repeating enjoyment for another 30 seconds.

    Training hands-on Included- appropriate training of your pet is a key element of the PetSafe instant Fence

    Recommended for pets about 8 pounds

    Transmitter Specifications:

    • Height: 9 inches

    • Width: 9 inches

    • Depth: 8.5 inches

    • Frequency: 18 kHz

    • Fuse Type: 250 volt ½ amp (inside transmitter)

    • balanced
    front/barrel shaped

    • Boundary and high/low manage dials on face

    • mild gray coloring

    • On- Off switch on left side

    Receiver Collar Specifications:

    • Height: 1 inch

    • Width: 2 inches

    • Depth: 1 inch

    • Weight: 2.5 ounces

    • Uses 6-volt (RFA-67) battery

    • Waterproof

    • Low battery indicator (light will expensive every 4 to 5 seconds)

    • Interchangeable secure sustain
    of points: very long and short

    The PetSafe instant Fence creates a circular boundary al the area you have chosen, allowing your pet to operate freely inside this dependable zone

    The centrally located transmitter sends an diverse
    broadcast rule to a sleek and classy receiver collar on your pet, giving them a 90-foot range (½ an acre) to operate and play

    Contents involve wall-mounted transmitter, receiver collar, extra collar probes, boundary flags, AC adapter for transmitter and a comprehensive training manual

    Training your pet by using the boundary flags furnished is essential to the successful use of this product.
    Train them to keep away from the flags and associate the correction together with getting too close to the flags

    Description :

    PetSafe instant Pet Containment System PIF 300 KONGThe PetSafe instant Fence pet containment system is a revolutionary concept that provides the safest, simplest form of pet containment ever.
    Plug in the transmitter somewhere inconspicuous in your home.
    The transmitter emits a 17.5 kHz broadcast rule al your home.
    Your pet wears a sleek and classy receiver collar that listens” for the signal.
    While the collar is receiving the rule your dog is free to operate and execute in your yard.
    When he approaches the boundary of the rule area he gets a warning beep.
    If your dog does not return he gets a static correction which is startling but not harmful.
    With a little very simple training your dog will quickly learn his boundaries.
    The training of your pet is a key element together with the PetSafe instant Fence.
    Follow the easy instruction and training hands-on that is included.
    For use in the US only.
    This unit is compatible together with all US 110v outlets and are not to be used together with 220v international voltage.”

    Feature :

    PetSafe instant Pet Containment System PIF 300 KONG

  • Wireless radio-fence containment system for pets weighing 8 pounds or more
  • Covers an diverse
    circular area of up to a 1/2 acre (180-foot diameter)
  • Receiver delivers dependable static correction when pet strays into warning zone
  • Waterproof receiver collar uses 6-volt battery; startup and training hands-on included
  • Transmitter measures 8-1/2 by 9 by 9 inches; receiver measures 1 by 2 by 1 inches
  • Best Carefresh Natural Premium Soft Pet Bedding 60- Liter – Check price Buy Feliway 48 Milliliter Plug Refills 6 Refills

    Carefresh normal Premium tranquil Pet Bedding 60- Liter

    Click Here Review a terrific dea information

    ListPrice : $25.95

    Price : $9.73

    You Save : $12.06

    Post date : 03/11/2014 MDT

    Feature :

  • The safest, healthiest bedding for your pet
  • Free of inks, dyes, clay and chemicals
  • Super Absorbent
  • Description :

    Carefresh Pet Bedding.
    The safest, healthiest bedding for your pet.
    Carefresh Pet Bedding is a patented smallish
    animal bedding made from reclaimed pulp waste.
    This short-fiber pulp can’t be made into paper; it’s free of inks, dyes, clay and chemicals used in the paper making process.
    It is processed to remove potentially harmful aromatic hydrocarbons that exist in pine and cedar oils.
    Carefresh Pet Bedding is tested for containments and sanitized to 380-Degree F to diminish bacteria, mold and fungus.
    Unsurpassed odor control.
    Carefresh smallish
    Animal Bedding provides unsurpassed odor manipulate
    for your pet habitat.
    Unlike other bedding material, Carefresh pet bedding functions to suppress the formation of ammonia, the primary odor caused by pet urine.
    Super Absorbent.
    Carefresh smallish
    Animal Bedding absorbs 3x its weight in liquids from pet urine or water sprayer
    leaks so cages be cleanse and dry.
    Carefresh Pet Bedding also lasts twice as long-term
    as shavings so you save time and money.
    Less dust.
    Carefresh Pet Bedding is softer and less dusty than other forms of smallish
    animal bedding.
    It’s cleaner and healthier for you and your pet.
    Good for the environment.
    Carefresh Pet Bedding has turned pulp and paper industry waste into pet owner’s favourite brand of pet bedding.

    If you interested check hear

    Carefresh al Premium gentle Pet Bedding 60 Liter Check

    Best Paws Wee-Wee Pads Extra Large 40-Pack – Best Prices Kaytee Timothy Hay 24 Ounce Bag Deal Hot PetSafe Anti

    Four Paws Wee-Wee Pads Extra awesome

    ListPrice : $54.49

    Price : $23.98

    Save Money : $25.52

    Post from : 03/11/2014 MDT

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    price and information
    Paws Wee Wee Pads Extra massive 40 Pack s Kaytee Timothy

    Cheap VeggieDent Chews Regular 30 Chews – Best Prices Wellness Canned Cat Food Chicken Recipe 12 Pack 12 1 2 Ounce

    C VeggieDent Chews Regular 30 Chews

    ListPrice : $22.99

    Price : $13.99

    Pay Save : $8.65

    Post as of : 03/11/2014 MDT

    !!Check extra price and information VeggieDent Chews Regular 30 Chews s Wellness Canned

    Description :

    VeggieDent Chews Regular 30 Chews s Wellness CannedCET VeggieDent Chews for Dogs, Regular, 30 ct

    Feature :

    VeggieDent Chews Regular 30 Chews s Wellness Canned

  • Vegetable-based doggie chew is fantastic choice in caring for your pet?s teeth
  • Works along with dog?s chewing activity to freshen breath, cut down plaque, and decrease tartar
  • Unique, easy-to-hold Z shape
  • Give your dog by
    least 1 chew daily to cut down cavity enducing plaque and calculus
  • Please examine all label information on delivery